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What is Infadel?

"Integrated Farming, Dairy, Energy, and Land Development Program"

This program is wholly owned and operated by Bhartiya Pashupalan Nigam Limited. Under this program, 100 million Distributor Coin Club's distributorship are given as distributor (Apna Bazar Online Seller Portal), registration of paid reseller distributors on Apna Bazar Portal, allocation of retail outlets of Apna Bazar, and other purposes. This program is one of the most important efforts being made by the Bhartiya Pashupalan Nigam Limited to promote the social and economic status of farmers and livestock farmers.

Integrated Agriculture, Dairy, Energy, and Land Development Program is a 100 million distributor virtual coin club run by the Bhartiya Pashupalan Nigam Limited. Any person, organization, firm, institution, company, corporation can apply for distributorship. In this program, distributorship can be taken into four categories like Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, etc. Each category has different terms and conditions of eligibility for application. Different types of benefits are fixed by Bhartiya Pashupalan Nigam Limited for each category of the distributor.

Under this program, registration of reseller distributor is done on Nigam's e-commerce portal Apna Bazar and prescribed commission can be earned by selling products online by registering according to any plan by the reseller distributor. The Nigam also allocates its Apana Bazar retail outlet.

The main objectives of this program are as follows:
1. To associate the individual, citizens, organizations, and others by direct or indirect way through the benefits( monetary and non-monetary) of INFADEL(Integrated Farming Dairy Energy and Land development program) by providing INFADEL hundred million digital coin club distributorship as the name of Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze to them.
2. To run and implement the INFADEL distributorship coin club to formulate the rules regarding the club registration fees, security deposit, coin rate, and other legal frameworks.
3. To promote INFADEL program as Nigam's brand and developed a virtual platform for activities.
4. To run the INFADEL development program, acquire the cultivated agricultural land for the production of organic farm produce and promote the Cooperativesector, the establishment of milk pasteurization, chilling and packaging plant production, marketing & selling, production of natural solar energy, acquisition of barren land for Development, the establishment of cold storage and warehouse chain, the establishment of Floor mill and organic edible oil plant,marketing & selling, goat farming, kadaknath poultry farming, dairy-farming, and training.
5. Establishment of a center for marketing and selling of INFADEL products in rural and urban areas and marketing.
6. Selling of INFADEL products through online e-commerce portal name as Apna Bazar.
7. Establishment of new veterinary institutions including College, University and Skill Development Centers.



The Benefits of Distributor

Increment in the security deposit
Fixed Interest on the security deposit every year
Bonus Benefit every year
Referral Benefit for Distributor
Distributor's free registration and attractive commission on Apna Bazar
Margin/Commission benefit on products sale

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