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Integrated Farming, Dairy, Energy and Land Development Program.

Bhartiya Pashupalan Nigam Limited has objective to work for the welfare of livestock breeders to make them economically and socially self sufficient. Nigam main objective is to make vacher/animal keeper progressive and offer employment for rural unemployed youth. Nigam’s aim is to develop the Indian economy through promotion of Indian animal Husbandry and agriculture in India.

This institution has been set up for the development of Animal Husbandry with the experienced, technically skilled team of various member units. The aim of the BPNL is to bring the milk revolution in the country by self sufficient animal husbandry with the better production and with promotion of artificial insemination, promotion of nutrition, health, disease prevention, animal production and with the purpose to strengthening the finance of cattle feeders. So Nigam is taking care of Cattleheads through improving the health of animals and it has indirect effect on development of Agriculture in India. Nigam is not specially focus on agriculture only.



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