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Land Development

Land which is not being utilized either because it is barren or if there is problem of water logging in the area the land becomes unfit for agricultural purposes. 1/3rd part of the total land of the country comprises of such an unproductive land. This program includes following primary steps to development of barren land:

  • Improve productivity, practices and input management for crop cultivation
  • Adapt GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) and precision farming techniques
  • Increase awareness of protected cultivation and high tech production technologies
  • Demonstrate postharvest management techniques for reducing losses
  • Implement soil and leaf tissue analysis that is easy to asses
  • Popularize organic farming as value addition
  • Increase awareness of value addition for crops
  • Organic farming relies on ecologically formed practices like cultural and biological pest management and brush aside the use of manmade chemicals in crop and animal production and also ignores the use of antibiotics and hormones in livestock production. In this process the fundamental and natural components such as soil organism activities, nutrient cycling, and species distribution and competition, are used as farm management tools. The present status of organic farming in INDIA is an emerging uniqueness as it attempts to produce products ranging from edible to organic cotton and fiber etc. This farming focuses on enrichment of soil rather than nurturing the plant and is based on the concept “feed the soil not the plant” and aims for human welfare. It is the combination of tradition, innovation and science to the benefit the quality of life and environment. Indian organic mangoes have high demand in Netherland, UK and Germany, so export will bring good amount of income.