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Goat Farming

Goat has been described as a poor man’s cow (or mini-cow) because of its immense contribution to the poor man’s economy. They not only supply nutritious and easily digestible milk to their children but also regular source of additional income for poor and landless or marginal farmers. Returns on capital of up to 50% and recovery of 70% of retail price are possible in goat farming. In rural areas, goat farming plays a vital role in providing gainful employment. Goats are among the main meat-producing animals in India, whose meat (chevon) is one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand. Due to its good economic prospects, goat rearing under intensive and semi-intensive system for commercial production has been gaining momentum for the past couple of years. Goats continue to play a significant role in the human nutrition. Their number is increasing more rapidly in comparison with the sheep, especially in the less developed parts of the world, indicating an increased role of this livestock in food production. In the developing countries of the world, during the period 2000-2012 goat milk production was increased significantly. The same thing can be said and for the goat meat and raw skin production.