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Club Benefits

1. Increase in Security Amount: An amount of Security Deposit has to be deposited by the distributor for applying in any category which is done through purchase of INFADEL Club coins. The price of one INFADEL Coin is equal to one USD (US Dollar) (the price is symbolic only, this coin has no relation to the actual US Dollar), in US dollars at the time the amount is deposited by the distributor. He deposits the amount in Indian Rupees equal to the price. Most of the time increased trend is seen in the prices of USD (US Dollar). The amount in each category has a lock-in period after which whenever the distributor withdraws or withdraws the amount, the security amount will be equal to the dollar value* of that day.

*Special: The security amount will be calculated as per the day's lowest level of US Dollar.

Each distributor will be given a digital certificate on the purchase of the coin.

2. Interest Amount: A fixed annual interest will be payable to the Distributor in each category on the Principal Security Deposit. There is a different annual interest rate payable on the principal security amount in each category. The calculation of the security amount for the annual interest payable is described in point numbers in Indian Rupees.

3. BPNL and other products available on margin/discount: In lieu of security/security deposit, the Nigam will provide products to the distributor at a certain margin/discount. Good profit can be obtained by the distributor on the sale of all the products. According to the rules, other benefits are also given to the distributor on an annual fixed sale.

4. Bonus: Bonus benefit will also be given by the BPNL to the distributor. The bonus payment depends on the work and growth of the INFADEL project of the BPNL. On the success of the project benefits of a Bonus will be given to the distributor by the BPNL. Bonus will be paid in cash or by paying INFADEL Coin.

5. Referral Code: A unique referral code will be issued to each distributor. If a distributor gets distributorship from his referral to any other person, then the BPNL will give INFADEL coins in the form of profit to the distributor with referral.

6. Free registration on "Apna Bazar": The distributor will be able to get his registration done free of cost on Nigam’s e-commerce platform "Apna Bazar". The distributor will be able to sell and promote the products online through "Apna Bazar".

It will be mandatory for every distributor to get registered on the BPNL-owned e-commerce portal Apna Bazar. Various products of different categories are available on Apna Bazar. Each distributor has to select a number of products for sale from all those available. Suggestions for product selection will be sent by the corporation to the distributor.

Category wise Distributor will get a commission at different rates from selling the product on his market.